Tonya Rice

Women's Fiction author, based in Richmond, Virginia

I write contemporary and historical women's fiction. I love writing historical stories because: Research! As a participant in the very first year of the University of Virginia Young Writer’s Workshop, I've known since those early days that all I ever wanted to do was write and publish stories like Jackie Collins. God-willing, I'm on my way!

My stories about Black, Southern women present social issues through their lives in various challenging and thought-provoking situations from which they overcome and discover their strengths. I also write to explore the world, my local landscape – past and present – and my characters give me the opportunity to do just that.

I am a native of Richmond, Virginia. My B.A. is from Hollins College (now University) and I earned my M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Emphasis in Fiction) from National University. In addition to the blog, Front Porch, Sweet Tea, and a Pile of Books, I write and manage the classic film blog, Goosepimply All Over. I am also a member of James River Writers. I live in Virginia with my family, which includes our cats with whom I share my office and ultimately my desk.

When I'm not writing, reading or coding, I'm happy creating digital art, watching classic movies, spending time with my family, powerwalking, swinging at a driving range, doing some home decorating, or watching sports. Go Steelers! Go Braves!

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